Ford fans might recognize the Ford Maverick title as the classic and stylish sedan last seen in the 1970s. While the 2022 Ford Maverick carries the same nameplate, it's a compact truck that's sure to shake up the Ford lineup and dominate the road around Woodbury, Deptford, and West Deptford, NJ.

If you're curious about this exciting upcoming vehicle, you're not alone. To help drivers find out everything there is to know about this truck and get ready for its release, Ace Ford is here to set you up with a Ford Maverick reservation.

What is the 2022 Ford Maverick?

Though it has a different build, the 2022 Maverick captures the spirit of its ancestor. This compact truck crossed boundaries and offers something completely unique to modern car shoppers.

As the first standard full-hybrid pickup truck in the country, you'll find that this truck offers some impressive performance abilities. It has a targeted fuel economy rating of 40 city MPG as well as an available 4,000-pound towing capacity.

The FLEXBED™ cargo area makes it easy to take advantage of your truck bed. With a 1,500-pound payload capacity, a multi-position tailgate, 12 available anchor points, and more, the Maverick can handle whatever cargo you have.

Inside the 2022 Maverick

Ford knows that you shouldn't have to sacrifice any interior space when shopping for a compact vehicle. That's why the Maverick is designed to be small and easier to maneuver from the outside while remaining spacious and comfortable inside.

You'll have room to seat up to five passengers inside and enough head and leg room for every rider to get comfortable. Additionally, the standard 8-inch touchscreen will give you convenient access to your smartphone through Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration.

How to Reserve Your Maverick

With a 500-mile driving range, Herculean powertrain, and spacious interior, there's already a lot to love inside this truck. But this is only the tip of the iceberg with the Ford Maverick. Since countless other drivers are eagerly awaiting their chance to get behind the wheel, save your spot in line by reserving a Ford Maverick.

Reserving a model is a great way to let us know you're interested so we can help you get behind the wheel. Whether you know exactly which trim and configuration you want to purchase or you simply want to test drive it and see if it's a good fit, you should reserve a model.

They won't ship out until fall, but we'll contact you with any updates and make sure you know when it's available.

Get Excited for the Ford Maverick

Seize your chance to experience the Ford Maverick first in Woodbury, Deptford, and West Deptford, New Jersey. Reserve a 2022 Ford Maverick with Ace Ford and experience this vehicle for yourself. In the meantime, start getting excited for its release!

If you have questions or want to learn more about this model, feel free to contact our team. We look forward to seeing you and the Ford Maverick on our showroom floor!

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