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Medical professionals do a tremendous job of taking care of the community with their dedication and compassion. ACE Ford is proud to offer a 10% service discount* to medical professionals and first responders as a "Thank You" for all you do for us. We are happy to say there is no cap on the amount you can save with this NJ automotive service discount. You are heroes because you help so many recover from an illness or an injury. We come to you at our worst, and when we leave, we are on the road to recovery because of you. When your vehicle needs maintenance, use this NJ automotive service discount to save some money so we can help get your vehicle running at its optimal level. Make an appointment at ACE Ford today by completing our schedule service form below, and let the savings begin!

Enjoy Our Way Of Saying Thanks
This NJ automotive service discount is for doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and many more in the medical profession. You work tirelessly to keep the community healthy and safe, and we want to put that same dedication when maintaining your vehicle. Every day new challenges greet you, but you succeed through your skills, hard work, and kind heart for helping others, and we greatly appreciate everything you do for the community. On behalf of our entire ACE Ford staff, we look forward to providing you with this 10% service discount* as a token of our gratitude. Schedule your next service appointment at ACE Ford today by filling out our service form, or contact or visit us to learn more

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