A huge benefit to having an SUV, like the Ford Explorer, is that it offers a lot more space for your luggage. You and your passengers will also have tons of headroom and legroom.

If you're considering the Ford Explorer as your next automobile and would like to learn more about its interior and exterior dimensions, Ace Ford is here to help! In this article, we'll outline the dimensions of the Ford Explorer for our friends and family in Woodbury, Deptford, and West Deptford, NJ.

How Much Headroom and Legroom Does the Ford Explorer Come With?

If it's important to you to have as much headroom and legroom as possible, you're going to love what the Ford Explorer provides. The chart below outlines the headroom and the legroom in each row as well as the shoulder room and the hip room, to give you a complete picture:


First Row

Second Row

Third Row


40.7 inches

40.5 inches

38.9 inches


43 inches

39 inches

32.2 inches

Shoulder room

61.8 inches

61.9 inches

54.6 inches

Hip room

59.2 inches

59.1 inches

40.9 inches

In addition to these dimensions, the Explorer has a total passenger volume of 152.7 cubic feet.

Ford Explorer Cargo Volume

Have you ever dealt with a smaller vehicle where you have to constantly rearrange your luggage in order for it all to fit? With the Ford Explorer, the days of too little cargo room are over.

Behind the first row, the Explorer has a total cargo volume of 87.8 cubic feet. Behind the second row, you'll have 47.9 cubic feet of space. Behind the third row, there's 18.2 cubic feet of space.

To create even more space, the second row has captain's chairs, while the third row has 50/50 split-folding bench seating.

Ford Explorer Exterior Dimensions

When you hit the road in the Ford Explorer, fellow drivers will immediately know it's you, as this vehicle has no issues with making its presence felt. The vehicle is so tall-at 69.9 inches-it could play center in the NBA. The Explorer is also a long vehicle, at 198.8 inches in length.

Its width will depend if it has mirrors and what you do with them:

  • Excluding mirrors, the Explorer has a width of 78.9 inches
  • With mirrors, the Explorer has a width of 89.3 inches
  • With the mirrors folded, the Explorer has a width of 82.7 inches

Don't like your vehicle being low to the ground? That won't be an issue in the Explorer. It has a ground clearance of 7.9 inches, with the Timberline trim having a ground clearance of 8.66 inches. In any case, you won't have to worry about debris popping up off the ground and damaging your vehicle.

Experience the Ford Explorer Today

Are you in the market for a spacious, comfortable SUV in which to tackle the streets of Woodbury, Deptford, and West Deptford, New Jersey? There's no better vehicle for the job than the Ford Explorer.

At Ace Ford, we have many Ford Explorer trims available that are looking for great homes. Contact us today to set up a test drive!

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