Are you ready for an app that is sure to enhance the way you interact with your Ford car, truck, or SUV model? Then the team at ACE Ford invites you to enjoy the FordPass™ app. As soon as you download this incredible app onto a smart device and connect it to your Ford model, you will be blown away by how effortless driving your vehicle will become. That is because this app allows you to access crucial information like your unique VIN number, any service updates, and even the weather patterns of your current location. The FordPass™ app is prepared to be your own personal co-pilot and make every journey as fun as possible. The staff at your local Ford dealer in NJ is so excited to walk you through the many capabilities of this app. It is guaranteed to become essential to your everyday driving life.


What Can FordPass™ Do For Me?

After you have downloaded the FordPass™ app, you can directly connect it to the Ford SYNC® Connect system inside your Ford model. Most models, such as the powerful Ford Explorer and the fierce Ford Mustang, have the Ford SYNC® Connect system. Once everything is set up, you can then set up a customized PIN number to protect your information and prepare to experience the convenience of this marvelous app.

One of the most useful functions of the FordPass™ app is the FordPass™ Park program. Available in select cities, this program prevents you from wasting precious time and helps you locate a parking spot that can accommodate your specific Ford model. You can narrow your search down by certain neighborhoods, addresses, or even by nearby landmarks. The FordPass™ Park program allows you to reserve and even pay for your parking spot through your smart device, so you will not have to hunt inside your Ford model for loose change. The professionals at your local Ford dealership suggest that you register your FordPass™ Park account so that you can find the perfect parking spot without any stress.

There are other features you can take advantage of when you access the FordPass™ app. You will be able to remotely turn your Ford model on and off, as well as lock and unlock it. This component also lets you designate a certain time for your engine to automatically start every day. You can keep track of where your vehicle is currently located so that you do not have to keep walking around and trying to remember where you last parked it. This innovative app creates a record of your fluid levels so that you will have an idea when it is time to schedule a maintenance appointment with ACE Ford. As you drive down the road, the FordPass™ app will notify you whenever you are low on fuel and will guide you to the closest gas station if need be. You can refine your search by price, fuel grade, and even brand.


From the daily commutes to work to those special road trips, it is always a wise idea to have a sense of what Mother Nature is going to do. The FordPass™ app assures you know the forecast and what you can do to prepare. The experienced service technicians at your local Ford dealership will be happy to help, from refilling your coolant to replacing the windshield wiper blades on your Ford car, truck, or SUV model. We will be sure to get your Ford model running at peak performance and have it transporting you for many more miles to come. 

If there is a recall for your Ford model, you will be notified by an alert from the remarkable FordPass™ app. This will give you plenty of notice to bring your vehicle to the experienced service department at ACE Ford. The FordPass™ app will also provide health reports on your Ford model that has detailed facts about your odometer, tire pressure, oil level, and filter condition. Not only that, but you will be able to manage your maintenance appointments, receive service alerts, and even use FordPay to pay for your appointments. Ford Credit is also there to help you monitor and pay for any financing. You will find that scheduling payments associated with your Ford model will become a whole lot easier, thanks to these FordPass™ app features and services.

Take Part In The FordPass Rewards™ Program

The FordPass™ Rewards program has taken the place of the Ford Owner's Advantage Rewards program and is here to help reward your continued loyalty to the Ford Motor Company. Any points that you previously had with the former program will transfer over at full value to the FordPass Rewards™ program. You will be able to earn points whenever you purchase a Ford model or get your vehicle serviced. You can also earn points by engaging with Ford online, such as completing an online survey, or you can receive points by attending Ford-sponsored events. Featuring current and future offerings, the FordPass Rewards™ Program is a component of the FordPass™ app. You can spend your points on service, parking, chances to win exclusive Ford prizes, and much more. All you have to do is download the app or visit to register today.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to using the FordPass™ app and enjoying its vast level of access. The experienced staff at your local Ford dealer in NJ is so eager to tell you more about this unbelievable app and to help you connect it to your Ford model. Download the FordPass™ app, contact or visit us, and then experience all-new heights of traveling today!