Dear ACE Ford Customers

Out of an abundance of caution, Ace Ford has instituted a disinfection process for all service customer's vehicles. These additional disinfecting steps create a safer experience for both the customer and dealership employees. Our disinfecting process includes:

  • Employees wear form-fitting nitrile or latex gloves when disinfecting a vehicle
  • Use of disinfecting wipes to clean high-touch areas of customer's vehicles:
    • Exterior driver side door handle
    • Steering wheel - including buttons
    • Center console - outside only
    • Gear Selector (Dial/Handle)
    • Radio/HVAC Areas
    • Touchscreen
    • Start/Stop button
    • Driver door armrest and center console
    • Window/Seat/Mirror controls
    • Rear View Mirror
    • Seatbelt Buckle & Anchor
    • Key fob

We are committed to these precautionary measures and appreciate your business. 


The ACE FORD Family