When the time has arrived to consider purchasing a new vehicle, every customer weighs the benefits and drawbacks of buying a new or used model. Here at your local Ford dealer in NJ, we have a fantastic option for you to consider: buying a certified pre-owned Ford model. Although the terminology "pre-owned" is synonymous with "used," there are many unique benefits that you will receive when you purchase a Ford CPO model that go far and above the affordability factor. At ACE Ford, we believe that owning a Ford CPO model will undoubtedly improve your driving experience as well as save you money. Learn more about all of the fantastic advantages of participating in the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program.

A Rigorous Inspection And Qualification Process

Prior to earning the CPO title, each pre-owned Ford model must satisfy specific criteria. First, all potential Ford CPO models must be less than six years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles. Every Ford car, Ford truck, and Ford SUV model is then required to undergo and pass a 172-point inspection. This comprehensive inspection is conducted by the certified and highly-trained service technicians at your local Ford dealership. Vital factors such as a full vehicle history report, exterior/interior wear, driving performance, and any major vehicle systems are always taken into consideration. Should any serious issues be detected during our inspection, they must be resolved before the vehicle is qualified as a Ford CPO model. All certified, pre-owned Ford models also come to you with a full tank of gas, fresh oil, an all-new oil filter, and brand-new windshield wiper blades.


A Comprehensive Warranty And Roadside Assistance

To deliver you the confidence and total peace of mind that you deserve from your next vehicle, the staff at your local Ford dealership is thrilled to tell you that all Ford CPO models come with both an extensive limited warranty and a limited powertrain warranty. The limited warranty covers more than 1,000 components for 1 year or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first), while the limited powertrain warranty will provide coverage for 7 years or 100,000 miles. In the event that anything unfortunate should happen while you are out on the road, certified pre-owned Ford models for sale also come with a free Roadside Assistance component, which ensures that you always have 24/7 access year-round to Ford representatives who will immediately facilitate getting you the aid that you require as quickly as possible. The Roadside Assistance component is valid for the entirety of your limited warranty coverage. All of these factors significantly reduce the risk that is sometimes associated with purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, along with assuring you that the Ford brand is abundantly confident in the quality of its CPO inventory.

The staff at your local Ford dealer in NJ is eager to show you all of our excellent selection of certified pre-owned Ford models. Visit ACE Ford and discover yours today!



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