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Searching for a new Ford model offers a diverse selection within our world-class lineup. Whether you want a rugged Ford F-150, the iconic Ford Explorer, or another exceptional Ford model, we have various purchase options that can be assembled to fit your driving lifestyle. You can choose to finance or lease a Ford in NJ, and our helpful sales professionals can go over all the advantages each method provides. Going with a finance plan allows you to invest more in your vehicle, while a Ford lease deal may be better if you prefer to switch models every few years. With so much information about these different purchasing options, we compiled this list for customers to easily see the benefits when you finance or lease a Ford in NJ. Look below to learn more, and visit the showroom at ACE Ford to pick an excellent Ford model for your next driving adventure.

Pros of Buying

  • If you have a job that is a long distance away or you enjoy traveling, a finance plan is best because there are no mileage limits. Upon making the purchase, you have the freedom to go wherever you desire.

  • Customization is welcome after you buy it. Stylize your new Ford any way you want to meet your everyday needs. You can add accessories, such as a bicycle rake or performance wheels.

  • Your monthly payments will end once the loan is paid off. This extra money can be put toward trips, home improvements, and more.

  • The value of your Ford model can help you save on your next purchase. Use our online Black Book® trade tool to find out how much your vehicle is worth and trade it in to reduce your next buying price.

Cons of Buying

  • You may have to pay more in sales tax under a finance option than if you choose to lease a Ford in NJ.

  • A better interest rate often requires a larger cash down payment when opting to finance.

  • Your vehicle is only protected from out-of-pocket costs during the length of the manufacturer's warranty.

Pros of Leasing

  • Leasing a Ford model is much more cost-efficient at the beginning because the upfront costs are reduced without having a sizable down payment. These reduced costs will allow you to pick a more upscale trim level when you lease a Ford in NJ.

  • Another benefit brings more savings without having to pay for interest. Each finance plan comes with an interest rate, making customers spend more money. But a lease plan does not have an associated interest rate, which keeps your overall costs down.

  • The flexibility of shorter lease terms provides more opportunity to upgrade to the newest models. You love your Ford Mustang or Ford Escape, and when these models introduce a new generation or more advanced technology, your shorter term length allows you to plan so you can move to the latest version.

  • Enjoy peace of mind with a factory warranty when you enter into a Ford lease in NJ. If something unforeseen occurs, the replacement parts and work are covered.

  • Returning your ford leased model is a hassle-free experience at your local Ford dealership in NJ.

Cons of Leasing

  • Long-distance driving is not recommended because lease agreements come with mileage limits.

  • You will always have monthly payments because they are continuous under a lease.

  • A leased model must be returned in flawless condition.

  • GAP Insurance is needed by customers to cover the full cost of the vehicle.

Buy Or Lease A Ford In NJ

There are many outstanding reasons to pick a Ford model, and our finance and lease plans allow you to choose an option that best suits what you want or need from a vehicle. Ask our sales staff about finance and lease specials for Ford models and how they can help you save some money. When choosing to finance or lease a Ford in NJ, ACE Ford is here to help in any way, so you have an exceptional customer experience.

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